Thursday, 21 July 2011

The pizza that sells like hot cakes

While big chain restaurants invest huge amounts of money on improving their brand name it seems that the word of mouth still serves well for small scale businesses.

Probably you will never get to see an advertisement on TV about the Italian pizza shop at Grainger Market but you will meet many people across Newcastle urging you to taste those delicious pizza slices made the Italian way.

Where to eat?

Grainger Market known for its traditional shops also has other facilities for its customers.
Shopping can sometimes be tiring; hence the market has loads of eateries set up.
There are cafes catering to every taste from full English breakfasts to freshly-baked cakes and muffins.

Price comparison

Our blog decided to list a price comparison, so you can see for yourselves that Grainger Market is a lot cheaper than big food retailers, e.g Tesco.