Thursday, 21 July 2011

Where to eat?

Grainger Market known for its traditional shops also has other facilities for its customers.
Shopping can sometimes be tiring; hence the market has loads of eateries set up.
There are cafes catering to every taste from full English breakfasts to freshly-baked cakes and muffins.
The space next to Alley 4 is full of eateries, you name it and you have it there.
To add to the existing massive boulevard there are two open courtyards, that gives the shoppers an opportunity to sit and relax and have delicious food.
The atmosphere takes you back to good old days where you can see people sipping the old-style pot tea and having a chat.

Grainger market is famous for its rich cultural set up that every Geordie can relate to and that is by far the best part of the market.
The hustling and bustling of people, clinging of cutlery and smell of fresh bakery cannot be missed.
Here is a list of places where you can eat 
Sarah’s Snacks: English breakfast
Hunters Deli: Sandwich shop
Jayz’s Café: Traditional English dinner
Jayz’s II: English breakfast and snacks.
Greggs: Sandwich shop
Oliver’s Bistro Café: Snack and coffee shop
French Oven: Independent Bakery

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