The Project

The Grainger market has been a traditional place to shop for the people of Newcastle city. It represents the cultural history of the region and is quite popular with the locals.
Although the city council website has a comprehensive section informing people about the Grainger market, it lacks multimedia content.
We are a group of Multimedia Journalism students from Newcastle University. As a part of our curriculum, we were required to create a blog with multimedia content about an aspect of Newcastle. We chose Grainger market because it is in the heart of the city and is one of the prominent landmarks.
The blog offers all the information about the market’s history, general information and shops. It also contains video interviews of customers and shop owners, photo galleries. We have even included a price comparison of some common commodities between Grainger market and the modern supermarkets.
We believe this blog will be extremely informative and useful not only to the locals but also for visitors, especially the international students. We have also made efforts to keep the blog well updated with strong social media tools such as twitter and facebook.

Konstantinos Papaterpos
From: Thessaloniki, Greece
Alexandros Ioakeimidis
From: Athens, Greece
Jui Sadekar
From: Mumbai, India
Pavan Masali
From: Mumbai, India
Swapnil Morye
From: Mumbai, India