Thursday, 21 July 2011

The pizza that sells like hot cakes

While big chain restaurants invest huge amounts of money on improving their brand name it seems that the word of mouth still serves well for small scale businesses.

Probably you will never get to see an advertisement on TV about the Italian pizza shop at Grainger Market but you will meet many people across Newcastle urging you to taste those delicious pizza slices made the Italian way.
Roberto and Lisa Ferasin moved to Britain in 2002 and since then they have been into the art of making thin and crisp pizza for the residents of Newcastle. The couple from Venice initially introduced themselves at West Jesmond, where they had opened their own Italian restaurant.

But after seven years they realised that what they really wanted to do was to specialise in making pizzas.  The affordable rent prices at Grainger Market, which is owned by the City Council, offered Roberto and Lisa a chance to relocate their business in the heart of the city.
Roberto highlights the benefits of working at Grainger Market.
‘’The rent is not as expensive as in other areas of the city and you can run your own business with less pressure’’.
The small pizza shop has managed to build a relationship with its regulars.  People from all walks of life will stop at alley 4 inside Grainger market in order to get the slice of their preference. 

Roberto and Lisa everyday will come across businessmen dressed in suits, schoolchildren with their parents and elderly people, who pop down to the covered market to do their shopping.
Roberto puts the success of his family business down to the use of pure ingredients.
‘’People who get a slice of pizza for the first time will realise that it tastes different. I think it has to do with the fact we only use fresh ingredients’’.

The Italian pizza shop offers a large selection of flavours but the most popular one is the Salamino. Pizza slices are available from 11.30 and prices range from 1.70 for a slice of margherita to 1.90 for a pizza with a topping.

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  1. Roberto and Lisa's pizza is the best in the North East!! You are two rare gems, great people. One word LEGENDS!!